Facebook and Home Business

November 16, 2009
By Yorgo Nestoridis

Facebook and Home Business

Facebook and other social networks have become a marketing playground for Home Business Builders. However, the invasion of the Social Environment by MLM freaks and so called get rich quick Home Business Builders is damaging the fun of social networks and may drive people away. Push Marketers spam and infest the environment and it seems that there is no efficient defense Social Networks implement to keep their place clean. The situation is comparable to emailing back in 2003 before the CAN Spam Act was passed.

Facebook and Home Business

Facebook is an ideal environment for Home Business Builders to communicate with friends and family as well as to make new contacts. It makes sense to build a network of contacts who share interests, namely if they are related to the respective home business. In such a case, Facebook can help to expand Home Business provided Home Business Builders learn to market in a way adapted to a social environment.



Social Network Marketing Challenge

Social Network Marketing is a discipline which defines Marketing Strategies adapted to social networks and a social environment in general. Observing the present situation, we notice some extreme forms of namely push marketing in social environments. If you join Twitter or Facebook with an open wall, you will be surprised how quickly your board gets populated with all sorts of content.

Compare it to the following situation: you are sitting in a coffee shop and slurping your preferred Arabica while eating a fresh croissant and every two minutes someone comes to your table asking you to be his or her friend. The next step could then be the “I would like to share my business with you”- Pitch or the “Let me post to your wall when I am brushing my teeth”- Blurp.

No one right in his mind would proceed like that in a coffee shop, and no one right in his mind would not feel irritated if it happened to him in a coffee shop.

I said “in a coffee shop”!

What makes people believe that on Facebook people will react differently?

Facebook is like a coffee shop where you sit with your friends, sharing news, photos, jokes and more. You may be happy with your friends and you may find old contacts you have lost over the years; you may have been introduced by some of your friends to other people and feel fine just sharing one more contact and that’s fine.

But how do you feel, if you get requests from people you have never heard of and without any visible connection to your circle?

And yet, this is exactly the approach of some marketers who try out the most intrusive methods to push their junk onto your wall.

There is no point calling for self-regulation as the CAN Spam Act has proven and there will always be those who damage the reputation of the internet and of Home Business as an industry by unethical behavior. What is ethics online anyway?

Large Corporates and Small Businesses alike are trying to define and to implement their Social Network Marketing Strategies. From Coca Cola to small one man shows, all are facing the same challenge.

Social Network Publishing and Marketing Seminar by Ycademy

Ycademy Online Business Education is designed for small business and Home Business in particular. The Trainings, Coaching and Seminars make the latest technology available to a large audience with the goal to help small business developers to prevent mistakes and to increase productivity. The online environment is changing fast. Flexibility, adaptability and permanent learning are the base for success and expansion.

Ycademy is offering a 2 days Online Live Seminar every month for developers of Small and Home Business. The November Seminar 2009 will be held on November 21/22, 2009 and is accessible from any browser without downloads or special set-ups.

This Month’s topic: Social Network Publishing and Marketing. All Seminar participants will spend most of the time in workshops and implement models live. The linking with multiple social environments is a key factor to efficient streamlined publishing and marketing.

Google Wave at the Ycademy Seminar

All registered participants will get an invitation to Google Wave, the new, revolutionary Communication Tool planned to be released officially later this year by Google. Google Wave clearly points to the future way of communicating and networking online. In connection with Social Networks, Google Wave allows for integration of all commonly used marketing and communication strategies whereas streamlining and security are the essential issues for marketers.

Ycademy Seminar Registrations

Ycademy Seminars are delivered to a small, limited number of live participants in order to take into account each participant’s needs. Marketing Concepts are adapted and customized for implementation to achieve the best results.

Registrations: please click HERE.

To find out more about availability, schedule and agenda, contact Bianca Gubalke at: bianca (at) ycademy.com.

Ycademy Seminar Follow-up

Ycademy Seminars are not just one time events. 2 weekly trainings prepare and follow up on the seminar agenda providing live assistance and in depth knowledge. Seminars and Trainings are recorded and available to all participants.

Author: Yorgo Nestoridis, Media Marketing & Publishing, Founder of YORGOO Publishing, YORGOO Press and Semiomantics.

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