Facebook Auschwitz or Holocaust

April 30, 2011
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Facebook a 21st Century Nightmare

Vouliagmeni, February 18, 2009 — by Yorgo Nestoridis

Auschwitz was a place where people were forced to work for the account and benefits of the at that time Big Brother under the slogan “work brings freedom”. Workers were stripped of their belongings, the fruit of their work and creations, their liberty and finally their dignity.

Sounds familiar?



The difference between a Camp like Auschwitz and Facebook is: on Facebook YOU have opted in! For the rest, I am not anymore sure I can see a big difference: you work, create and publish content on Facebook, you are not paid for doing so, nor do they feed you.

With the most recent modifications of the Terms and conditions, Facebook strips you of the fruit of your work, proprietary rights to it and takes even the rights to exploit and resell your work for their own benefit.

Facebook grabs your personal data, builds a huge data base about you, your contacts, your online behavior for the purpose of exploiting all of that by offering advertisers targeted ads placement.

Some people have succeeded in surviving Auschwitz, thanks God; you cannot survive Facebook’s memory and legacy-building engine, at least not for as long as there is electricity or the political desire to put a stop to Facebook’s abusive business practices. Your publications and data will remain in their hands beyond your death and they have about the right to do with it what they want.

For more details on the modified Terms, check out my article on Facebook modern Gangsterism. 

Facebook is standing for a whole crowd of Businesses using the same Model

What would the intenet be without Google, Facebook, MySpace, SecondLive, Twitter, Ebay and so many others? They all have one thing in common: YOU build their content, wealth and authority, in exchange for what? 

When is free too expensive? Definitely when “free” steals your rights as the author of your creations, be it text, media or design. Free becomes unaffordable, when you are the play-ball of Big Brother, playing with and putting at stake your intimacy, privacy and dignity for the shrewd and greedy purpose of transforming your data into cash, irrespective of any ethical consideration.

Remember 2

Remember 2

Free is too expensive, when you are degraded to a number, a nick-name, a star-tagged something which is just a hook for keywords, a virtual identity which sooner or later backfires at you in the context of your real life.

And yet, FREE is the ham you catch mice with.

Free and Visibility is the magic formula which moves masses, masses which are obsessed by gaining high visibility for the purpose of those famous 15 minutes of glory in life. Masses which measure success on the number of acquaintances you have on Social networks; masses which are following blindly the promise of high visibility, privacy and glory; masses which are so eager to exhibit their soul in public to compensate for a permanent lack of affection in their native environment; masses which look for a valve to escape from the bleak monotony of real life and who let them selves manipulate online in a way, no one right in his mind would accept in real life.

Auschwitz has been closed long ago. Slavery has been prohibited 80 years earlier in the USA, later in many other countries. It is illegal to treat people the way they have been treated in Auschwitz and other camps. It’s illegal when it concerns people physically.

How about labor camps online, in the virtual world? How about if you are so manipulated and so desperate in life that you become vulnerable to all the glitter of mind controlling marketing strategies, that without noticing it you are selling your soul to spirits, you call by opting in and you cannot get rid off later?

In fact it’s worse: even if you have no account on Facebook, some of your friends and family members may have one and publish content concerning you. From that moment on you start existing on Facebook and you become a toy, punching ball or other exploitable element in the hands of a bunch of just above 20 year old kids of whom I doubt that they have the maturity to understand or the capability to measure the responsibility that comes along with running Facebook.

In my opinion, the present Facebook affair is of public concern. No country should tolerate Facebook to get away with their practices. There is no excuse such as Facebook is subject to US jurisdiction. They operate in our countries and we can therefore force them to create a domicile in our countries and to stand trial in our countries. In the past this has been done with companies trading commodities or in financial markets.



Facebook has breached the line of what is tolerable and it will trigger increased state interventions. Facebook is breaking the toy which gives so much to so many people for as long as it’s self-regulated. As soon as Governments find a good reason to intervene, we give up a junk of our liberty and it becomes just a matter of whether Big Brother will be called Government  or Something.com.

We don’t want camps and we don’t want Big Brothers; historically both lead to abuse and Holocaust. For me the virtual Holocaust is as bad as any other Holocaust — a perspective we need to fight at the root. Today and right now!


Yorgo Nestoridis



There is one more difference:
Auschwitz does not exist anymore,
however the memory of the nightmare
lives on; Facebook is a reality playing with
people’s memory!

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