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June 25, 2011
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Default Images on YORGOO Press

YORGOO Press News Paper layout uses thumbnails for illustration purposes. These thumbnails are created automatically from the first image loaded in a post. The thumbnails are only created from images loaded to the WordPress media upload folder (using the post or page editor).

For this reason, automatic thumb-nailing does not work on imported or syndicated posts.

To automate the thumbnail creation also on imported content, YORGOO Press allows you to load default images which will show when ever no image from the WordPress media upload folder is associated with a post.

Thumbnail and Default storage on YORGOO Press

The thumbnails and default images are stored in the wp-content/uploads and the wp-contents/uploads/cache folder. Both folders need to have permissions set to 777 (CHMOD). The default images are placed in the uploads folder while the thumbs created will automatically be cached and stored in the image cache. The Cache can be flushed from your dash board under Settings — Viva-Zoom.

Download — Default Placeholders for YORGOO Press

The default placeholders can be downloaded from HERE

Unzip and place the content in a folder called “uploads” (without the quotes and in small letters)

Your folder content looks like this:

YORGOO Press Default Images

YORGOO Press Default Images

The icon view of the same folder looks like this:

YORGOO Press Default Images 2

YORGOO Press Default Images 2

From the above screen shot you see that images 3,4,5,6 and 19 don’t show an image; in fact these images are by default set to 1 Pixel x 1 Pixel, letting you choose the size based on your preferences.

We will indicate here below some recommended default size values, corresponding to the defaults embedded in the script and showing by default when you associate an image to a post in the corresponding category. Feel free to change them.


At present the default pictures are loaded to your YORGOO Press. If you replace the placeholders with an image of your choice, make sure you name the new defaults created by you EXACTLY the same way the present defaults are called.


Edit: cat1_NpAdvMainFea.jpg

By passing with your mouse over the image name you see the properties:

YORGOO Press Defaults 3

YORGOO Press Defaults 3

The required image size is 515 x 270.

This image displays as a default in the Featured Image section on top left of the home page if you don’t add a picture to your Featured Posts.

Create your image

The choice will depend on your site theme and topic. For the purpose of this demo I have created an ad — click to see original size:

Larrie Perkins

Larrie Perkins

This could be easily serve as a default on Larrie Perkins Online Filing Web Site.

Save the image to your ‘upload’ folder:

You get this:

YORGOO Press default Images 4

YORGOO Press default Images 4

Change the name of the image file:

1. Change the file name of the placeholder to:


2. Change the name of “larrie2.jpg” to:


(You can delete the placeholder as well as you will not need it anymore; I tend to keep them for reference or legacy purposes).

You get this:

YORGOO Press Default Featured Image

YORGOO Press Default Featured Image

Edit all Pictures and proceed as shown, then upload the pictures to wp-content, over writing the existing defaults.

YORGOO Press Network users may send their image folders to Zo Nicholas at zo(at)

YORGOO Press Customers, please use your usual communication channels.

Recommended Size Values and Position of the Images



You may create different image sizes as well, depending on your preferences. However, the above sizes will give a good result.

For the Bottom 8 categories, consider creating 8 different images in relation to the categories represented there. Of course you can create images which are completely independent from your Blog Theme and use a separate image theme, displaying for example only car related images, or toys, or flowers, or such like. The choice of a graphic theme gives your site coherence.

Your Imagination is the Limit!

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