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June 20, 2011
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Semiomantics Customized Solutions

This post will give an overview over the various customized semantics publishing framework solutions we have in store.

1.  Semiomantics XO

This is the basic blogging solution for high performance publishing. All customized Semiomantics scripts are built on the XO Framework.

2. Semiomantics Press

Better known as YORGOO Press; an News Paper Layout with many hidden features and all the benefits of Semiomantics Frameworks. YORGOO Press is extremely flexible and can be extended for most any use.

3. Semiomantics Tabloid

Better known as YORGOO Tabloid; similar to YORGOO Press with an easier to use layout on the home page.

4. Semiomantics Blaster

Better known as YORGOO Blaster: a high speed, high performance easy to use tool to storm Google Top 10 in specific Niches.

5. Semiomantics Booster

Similar to YORGOO Blaster, the YORGOO Booster is a high speed Ads Delivery system targeting Google Top 10 in Niches.

6. Semiomantics Author

A typical formula for Authors who strive to associate their authorship to their production and to promote their work as authors.

7. Semiomantics Publishing

Better known as YORGOO Publishing; simply the best Publishing Tool in the market for individual Publishers.

8. Semiomantics Magazine

A magazine theme which by now has established its reputation, namely along the Garden Route in South Africa.

9. Semiomantics e-Commerce

The perfect match between semiomantics and e-commerce; probably the best optimized online shop solution.

10. Semiomantics Media

A framework for Media; publishing of images, video, sound in any format with the benefits of Semiomantics to drive your publication to the top of Google.

11. Semiomantics Art

The Framework for artists, photographers and media creators. Protected content, paired with a shopping cart in an artistic environment and with the benefits of Semiomantics.

12. Semiomantics Directory

Based on a smashing idea, Semiomantics Link Directory builds directories which show on Google, unlike typical Directory scripts which have just not been designed for that purpose.

13. Semiomantics Classifieds

Based on the same idea as Semiomantics Directory, Semiomantics Classifieds produce Classifieds which impact on Google. (Release July 2009).

14. Semiomantics Article Directory

Another application based on Semiomantics Directory. Unique in as much as we combine Archives with high performance Semiomantics publishing.

15. Semiomantics Gallery

A special applications for users who need a high performance gallery while protecting the content.

16. Semiomantics Review

High Performance Review site based on Semiomantics XO.

17. Semiomantics Forum

A forum paired with high performance publishing; forum entries end up with high visibility.

18. Semiomantics Social Networking

Publish, mix and remix content from your preferred Social Networks or, monetize your social bla-bla!

19. Semiomantics Aggregation

Hot, unique and may be the last accessible aggregator with high performance in the market.

20. Semiomantics Membership Site

Features a membership module with structured, multi-class members and access.

21. Semiomantics Affiliate

Exactly what it says; and if you imagine the affiliate module in combination with the e-commerce module, then get a complete business site which is easy to run and to maintenance.

22. Semiomantics Multi-User

Our interpretation of   WPMU and Buddypress, called YORGOO Media.

We will present each product individually in the near future to allow you to choose the best solution for your needs.

If you have additional special needs, Semiomantics will build it for you.

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