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June 18, 2011
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WordPress 2.8 Baker released

WordPress has just released it’s latest version 2.8 where a bunch of new features are available for the comfort of average WP users. The most important change is in the speed and in the fact that themes can be loaded and easily edited from the dashboard.

The name Baker has been added in honor of the trumpeter Chet Baker (not Brenda Baker for once, but I could agree with naming it just for our Brenda).

Plugin issues

Most plug-ins work well with WP 2.8. We have tested over 100 plug-ins on this site so far.

Feedwordpress Problem

The Feedwordpress plug-in presents however a serious problem in the interface under Syndication Settings namely for individual links: the tag selector does not work and therefore tags cannot be added properly.

Consequences for YORGOO Press, YORGOO Blaster, YORGOO Booster, Semiomantics

All recommended plug-ins work with all our scripts except the feedwordpress as mentioned above. If you are not using feedwordpress, you may just upgrade your installation form the dashboard and appreciate the new features.

YORGOO Booster

YORGOO Booster

Some of our sites running on WP 2.8

Yorgo Nestoridis

a YORGOO Blaster

a YORGOO Booster

a YORGOO Press

a Semiomantics Script on YORGOO Publishing

We will keep you posted about the fixes. As all scripts work perfectly well on WP 2.7.1, there is no immediate reason to upgrade and if you are using any of the problematic plug-ins, such as feedwordpress, just remain put; we are working on a fix and it’s probable that the feedwordpress developer will come up with a new version shortly.

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