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September 23, 2010
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YORGOO Press Development

[dropcap1]T[/dropcap1]he main disadvantage of YORGOO Press consists in the fact that all users are branded with a YORGOO Press domain link.This has no impact on the performance but it would be an advantage from a branding point of view if we could associate users personal domains to their press site.

Some users have been framing YORGOO Press, however that does not help either as Google will not pick up the framing domain. Also the frame will work on the home page and thereafter the all pages will display in the browser using the original YORGOO Press links.

Your own Domain on YORGOO Press

[dropcap3]W[/dropcap3]e are actually working on the issue and as we are restructuring YORGOO Press we may be able to find a solution for those who wish to brand their YORGOO Press.

As soon as we are sure to be able to link your domains with your Press Blog we will send a mail to all participants with the necessary instructions. As the case may be, we will link only TLDs and no sub-domains.

For example: I have registered TheYorgooTimes.com for the purpose of the tests and I will try to replace times.yorgoopress.com with that domain in a way that all links will contain the new domain name and no longer display the yorgoopress.com link.

In the meantime, think about a possible name for your paper or may be you have already a domain you could use for the purpose? We will talk about it at tonight’s call and hopefully be able to confirm that we will be able to let you associate your brand with YORGOO Press.

Please be aware that we will have to set up each blog manually and we would be glad to receive your domain names as early as possible after our confirmation if you wish to take advantage of this branding possibility.

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